07 March 2011 @ 02:06 pm
M5 Guesses  
I'm putting this here to remind myself who I picked when the show airs. 
It  was actually really hard to guess which outfit went with each member. Either they are getting really good at picking different outfits or they are getting better at tricking me lol.


Oh well here are my guesses:

1. Matsujun
2. Aiba (ilu Aiba, but why a helmet? If that is even yours) (I also feel that this could be Nino playing a trick on us/Aiba lol XD)
3. Nino
4. Sakurai
5. Ohno (Also might be Sakurai and his crazy scemes haha. Each item is the same as the other 4. Even the pants are the exact same as #1. Only the shoes are original)

When I voted I chose 5. It looks heavy, but I really like the red plaid jacket, seriously that is what got me to vote for it lol. Second would be 1. The only minus point is the scarf. It looks too fluffy for my taste.  
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