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2011-03-07 02:06 pm
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M5 Guesses

I'm putting this here to remind myself who I picked when the show airs. 
It  was actually really hard to guess which outfit went with each member. Either they are getting really good at picking different outfits or they are getting better at tricking me lol.

Arashi has style :D )
When I voted I chose 5. It looks heavy, but I really like the red plaid jacket, seriously that is what got me to vote for it lol. Second would be 1. The only minus point is the scarf. It looks too fluffy for my taste.  
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2011-02-13 12:25 am
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My con DVD finally came today! Yaaay! I was asleep and heard the doorbell ring and my dad answered the door. I could hear him telling my mom, "ah, it's another package from Japan." So I jumped out of bed and there it was! :DD

Although I already watched the concert like a million times I'm gonna re-watch it on my tv! :)
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2011-01-24 06:28 pm
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Today is Sakurai Sho's 29th Birthday in Japan!! Yay! Our Arashi-mama is growing up so fast and this time next year he will be 30, but no matter how old he gets I'll still love him :). So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY SAKURAI!!! keep being the way you are.


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2010-11-03 04:09 pm

Happy Anniversary!

 I can't believe I found these 5 guys from Japan who make me feel so happy when I see their videos or hear their songs. I am so greatful to them and hope they never change. I hope they continue to succeed and grow as artists. I love Arashi and all the things they do. I wish I could do more than just support them from afar, but until then I want to say:


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2010-08-13 03:20 am
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Almost forgot Music Station is on today! O_O

It's 3:20 am here and I can't sleep. I was wondering why I couldn't sleep and then I remembered MS with Arashi, TOKIO, and SMAP was going to air. However, it doesn't air until 6:00 am. I wonder if I can make it.

I knew I should have put a reminder in my phone, so I wouldn't forget and would have gone to sleep early.
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2010-07-16 04:43 pm
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To Be Free~

Yay!! My To Be Free single finally came today. :D The image on the back looks so good.

Now I just have to wait for my Yukai Tsukai Kaibutsu-Kun single.
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2010-05-30 12:41 am
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MS Monster Perf. Gifs & Ministe

Some gifs from the Monster performance and ministe talk.

Monstaaa~ )

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2010-05-19 03:17 pm
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Yay!! My Monster RE came today! I swear cdjapan is so quick :D

I really wanted the LE but I waited too long and it was all sold out :(
Oh well next time Ill order it sooner.
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2010-04-10 02:24 pm
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5X10 DVD finally came!!!


My DVD came this morning. I expected it to come sometime next week, but cdjapan is fast (and more expensive). :p So, I watched it right away and it was the best! XD The boys are just so cute I cant take it. lol
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2010-02-25 05:23 pm
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This is the first time I have ever made gifs. They aren't that good, but I gave it my best shot.

I really loved this perf. so I just had to try :D

Suweet~ Suweet~ )

If you want to use them in your LJ just credit me
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Comments are appreciated
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2009-08-08 12:16 am

Stand Up!!

Just watched Stand Up!! with Ninomiya and Yamashita. It was really good. I wasn't sure at first if i was going to like it, but i really got into it. After like the 5th episode i couldn't stop watching. If anyone hasn't seen it i suggest you better watch it. It's funny with a little love thrown in. lol
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2009-07-23 09:20 pm

Sakurai Sho

Changed my layout from Aiba to Sakurai because i am gonna watch his new drama The Quiz Show. Yay cant wait to see it. It got pretty good ratings so im really excited.

Credit goes to: [livejournal.com profile] arashi_layouts
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2009-07-01 01:01 am

Kimi wa Petto

Okay, so i know im like a million years late on this but i just finished watching Kimi wa Petto and fell in love with Mastumoto Jun lol. He was so adorable in the drama and i recomend that everyone watch it. I didn't read the manga but i still loved the drama. Now i think ill read it though.

Well thats it for now... im really no good at writing entries :( lol